In January 2017 the Association held our Annual General Meeting.  Thanks to member Chai Yee Wei for providing the venue at his Mocha Chai Laboratories.

Following the main business of the AGM, there were several speakers

Grace Dong from IMDA provided an update on the Freelancer Landscape and IMDA Media Freelancer Initiatives.

Loong Seng Onn from MCS shared his team’s experiences in mediation.

Member Ian Gregory, from Witching Hours, showed a video highlighting games and discussed the need for strong gamewriting skills.

Member Zafar Anjum, from FilmWallas, showcased their beta site for story and film collaboration.

Golden Village generously provided complimentary movie tickets for a lucky draw for members.

There was then a dinner buffet and a tour of the facilities at the Mocha Chai Laboratories

In January 2017 the Association conducted the first Making A Scene Scriptwriting Workshop, supported by IMDA and the National Library Board.

The workshop was held at Marine Parade Public Library, conducted by Ng Swee San and Derek Judge, supported by Jackie Chan, and attended by nearly 30 enthusiastic writers.

In December 2016, the committee was busy preparing workshop materials for the Making A Scene workshop.

In November 2016, there was a followup meeting with IMDA regarding the request for a secretariat resource.

In November 2016, the Association committee met with Gabriel Lim, the outgoing CEO of IMDA.

In October 2016, the Association held a closed-door session with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, regarding the upcoming changes to the Copyright Act.