In September 2016, the Association committee met with the committee for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content.

In September 2016, the Association took part in the inaugural NTUC Fair for Freelancers at Red Dot Design Museum.

Plenty of good conversations with media freelancers.

The Screenwriters Association officially signed the Mediation Charter with the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Mediation can provide an effective way for our members to resolve issues such as late or non-payment.

More details about the Singapore Mediation Centre and their work can be found at

Met with the Law Society Pro Bono Arm in July 2016.

They kindly agreed to help discuss some legal matters – really appreciate their help!

The Screenwriters Association will be presenting a best screenplay award at the NYFA event on July 23.

Members visited Epigram Books, where CEO Edmund Wee shared suggestions of some local stories that could make great movies. He also discussed upcoming plans for Epigram Books and what kinds of novels they are looking to publish.
This was followed by refreshments and discussion – and discounted books for members 🙂