My Write Foot Challenge


  • Anyone with at least one foot may join.
  • A member from the Screenwriters Association will challenge 3 folks: a family member, a friend and an artiste they know personally, to write “Writers Unite” with his/her foot. Or make a donation to the Screenwriters Association. Better still, do the challenge AND donate.
  • If they choose to write, their foot writing should be recorded with their phone. This video can then be uploaded to their own Facebook page. With the hashtag #MyWriteFoot. And the post should be set to “Public”.
  • Those without a Facebook page can email the video to the Screenwriters Association who will then upload it onto the Screenwriters Association Facebook page.
  • The Challengee can subsequently challenge a friend, family member and an artiste to write with their foot.
  • Any writing instrument or media is permitted eg pen or keyboard.
  • Donation may be any amount to be paid through Paypal on the Screenwriters Association webpage.
  • The challengees are welcome to do the challenge and donate.
  • Any foot, right or left, will do.


  • We want more people to know about the Screenwriters Association (Singapore).
  • We want to make our friends or frenemies suffer a bit but not in a way that’s too humiliating.
  • Most important of all, we need money to make a video to champion writers’ rights.

Watch the videos here!

We’re now accepting Paypal pledges:

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