Asian Script Repository

Brought to you by Screenwriters Association (Singapore), with the kind support of
Samuel Seow Law Corporation

Asian Script Repository is a place where authors can register a copy of their creative works as proof of authorship. Such proof can be used as evidence in a legal dispute over authorship.

Why a repository?

While copyright protection over a piece of written work is automatic and there is no need for an author to take any further steps to ensure that their completed works are adequately protected under law, the convenience of a non-registration system often results in awkward situations where copyright infringements are difficult to prove. These occasions arise where it is difficult to ascertain exactly at which point of time a particular piece of work was completed by an author; and whether another author who claims also to have written the work may have copied the first work.

The Screenwriters Association (Singapore) recognises this concern and therefore took the initiative in setting up the Asian Script Repository to assist writers in establishing authorship and date of creation/completion of their written materials. Registration provides a dated record of a writer’s claim to authorship of a particular work and helps to circumvent the problems in proving priority of ownership.

Who runs it?

The Asian Script Repository is managed by Samuel Seow Law Corporation, an unbiased, independent third party. Although, registration under the Asian Script Repository does not accord to the work any additional protection under copyright laws, it provides independent evidence which is capable of being produced by an independent third party to support a writer’s claim of authorship over a piece of work as of a particular date.

Where necessary, the registered material may be used as evidence of the material having been deposited with the Asian Script Repository if legal action is initiated. In this way third party independent evidence exists to help establish a writer’s claim to priority over any piece of work.

Who can use it?

The Asian Script Repository is a service, which is offered not only to members of the SAS, but also to the general public. However members of the SAS are entitled to enjoy the service at a discounted price.

Registrable works

Works which may be registered under the Asian Script Repository include:

  • scripts
  • treatments
  • synopses
  • outlines
  • written ideas specifically intended for radio, television and film, video cassettes/discs
  • stage plays
  • novels and other books
  • short stories
  • poems
  • commercials
  • lyrics
  • drawings
  • other interactive and non-interactive media.

At present the Asian Script Repository only accepts hard copies of works. However in the near future online registration will be made possible.


Neither Screenwriters Association (Singapore) (SAS) nor Samuel Seow Law Corporation will make comparisons of registration deposits, bestow any statutory protections, or render any legal advice whatsoever. All submitted material should be sealed by the author to prevent tampering.

All materials that are received by Samuel Seow Law Corporation would not be made privy to anyone including those handling the sealed material. Please also be informed that registration with the Asian Script Repository does not protect titles of works.

Cost of registration

The fee is Singapore $30 per registration (for a period of 5 years), by cash or by cheque made payable to “Samuel Seow Law Corporation”. Do not send cash in the mail.

Term of registration and renewal

The term of registration of any piece of work is valid for five (5) years. Once the term expires, the author may choose to renew the registration for an additional five-year period at the then-prevailing renewal rate. Applications for renewals must be made in writing and signed by the author(s). Applications for renewals will be accepted up to three (3) months prior to the expiration of the initial term.

The SAS and Samuel Seow Law Corporation shall be entitled to destroy all material which has been deposited under the Asian Script Repository after the expiry of the initial term should a valid application for renewal not be filed within such term. All materials to be destroyed will not be unsealed in the process of doing so, therefore, the author(s) of such deposits can be assured of absolute confidentiality.

Registration procedure

Please download the Application Form here (45Kb PDF document — you may need to download the free Acrobat Reader to open the file).

Download your Asian Script Repository form now and protect your creative endeavours